October 16, 2010

Silence stings

The scream of silence pierced me
Aching monophobia laying the roots
Overpowering seclusion
Suppressing the joys and the lessons through

Apathy growing
And a banal soul
Pearls falling
Feet demanding arduous force

But somewhere I want to stand
A faint voice calling me
Recalling the blithe times
Anodyne melodies of its rhymes

The solitary heart now longs for
A comforting hug and new desire
The mimic desolation unveiling finally
Igniting a new fire

With a halcyon soul
And new spirits
I tread on a new road
Fervent winds
And small steps
To my new destination!


  1. arey mujhe kyu thankz...!

    ol ur efforts...!
    the words are urs...

    rather the picture painted here is by ur very own
    "colours" !

  2. Hey....Totally awesome work...n beautiful use of words.....