September 28, 2014


Without stopping,
Life rushes at its pace..
I am so confused,
Who started this race?
Aimlessly, I run,
In a direction of grace.
Enchanted by,
Smile on that face.
Story continues..
Just another phase..

Out of nowhere..
It starts to rain,
Clean colorless clothes,
Begin to stain...
Routinal schedules..
Begin to strain..
How do i focus?
I am trying in vain..
Story takes wild turns..
Awaiting climax is main..

In heaps..
Characters arrive,
Fighting for space..
Trials and strive..
Many perish..
Who is still alive?
Only few remain..
battle hardened knives.
In chaos of war,
I hope fairness survives.
Story sees action..
Wishing, I take a faithful dive.

Oh yes, I remember,
Before I forget,
IPHONE it is..
..without any regret.
Whatever it may cost..
Its a safe bet.
Unforeseen troubles ahead,
Stability is what we get.
Story is just an excuse..
Isnt it clear yet?


PS - Another collection of random thought. Watch this space for more.. story continues.. !

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